#2 by Nicole Storrs

Did some work last night. I got things accomplished. I know it's dark as fuck in my apartment. (Lighting should be fixed within the next couple videos.) When I pulled out my mat I saw that I had leftovers from another series and I could not bring myself to waste them. It's been a long time since I had gone through this particular process so I was rusty. Over the summer I made a series of 4x4 abstracts made from tape I used to create other paintings. Eventually you'll be able to find them on the Summer16 page but I haven't posted them yet. (Its on my list.) I got four, make it three and three quarters, small (like 6x9s I think) backgrounds for a future project and in doing so I used all the painted tape that was still good. At last, the mat is clear for the original thing I set out to do. I also added some mood music. Its very Forgetting Sarah Marshall-esque. 

#1 by Nicole Storrs

The start of something new...

Last night, in the wake of StitchRock2016, I decided I needed to clean my studio. I have a bunch of new ideas and need to clear this stale air and start fresh. I recorded the whole 2 hour process during which I cleaned, organized, ate dinner, got distracted by my phone a bunch, pet the animals, and began to prep a new project. There is nothing fancy about this video. I didn't even put music over it. (I must admit, I was too lazy to freshen up on public domain stuff.) I sped it up 20x and threw it on the YouTubes. I will record more creative process over the next couple months and my thinking is each one will get better/more interesting as I do. It takes me a while to figure things out but I'm used to taking things slow. Thanks for letting me steal 6 minutes of your life.

If theres anyone out there with anything to tell me, I'm listening. Please comment.